as you guys probably know, i'm obsessed with rings. i made a promise to myself to stop buying rings. but i just cant help it. it's an addiction, just like polishing my nails and changing its colors every two days. whilst blog-hopping all around the world wide web, i stumble upon an online store that has the armor rings i've been dreaming about. i had one before from urban outfitters, but it has too many sparkle that clashes with my character and its too heavy, i rarely use it. so, when i saw these rings, i cant help myself and get it at that very second.

i bought this babies at Painting Delia, they got basics, shoes, accessories and whatnot. They're based in Singapore, but they shipped internationally with an extra charge. I ordered Celine inspired clogs too, but that's another story, i still have to wait for my dear friend Lori to bring it to Jakarta :D

Thanks Painting Delia

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