given the name 'Angela' ever since i was a little girl, its like i'm destined to always have this fascination for angels and their wondrous wings. when i stumble upon these ethereal pictures, i cant help but to feel madly in love with the wings worn by Selita Ebanks. the colorful feathers of the wings gave a somewhat impression of a dodo, an opulent dodo. it was a property for kanye west music video, which i dont even bother to watch, made by the talented Martin Izquerdo. seeing these images gave me the chill. i must have it! well, maybe sometime in the future i can even make my own wings :D

ps. look at the nails..isn't it divine?

images via mtv style


indian headdress, zara stripes top

a headdress my brother found in Bali, im always fascinated with the native american culture and design. i have a dreamcatcher tattoo on my back and a feather bracelet tattoo on my right wrist. they're magical.


sash black dress, f21 rings, zoein jewelry ring, pull and bear ring, vintage ring | vintage blouse

i love to wear the same clothes over and over again.
dominic jones collections are out of this world amazing!

i was blog walking through an enormous numbers of blog (like i always do) and found a link to this amazing website, and they feature jones' works there. i've been drooling over these images for hours.
i just have to get my hand on one of his stuff.

images via dominic jones
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it makes me think to make my own giveaway :)


Max Tan

black and white collection will always have a special place in my heart
never understand platform shoes

an old time dweller in the blogging world, a new-born in the fashion-related blogging

im an art student with the tendency of over thinking everything
my habit of dwelling on my own thoughts had sometimes restrain me to do or seize what i actually feel like doing, therefore as an act of breaking from my routine i've decided to make a fashion-related blog
be advised that i will not excessively create an outfit post, but i am in the liking of obsessing on great pieces in the world wide web

i think im gonna enjoy posting on this blog
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